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Why SOS?

Top 10 reasons to S.O.S.

01 Industry leading Customer Service. It's not just a slogan, it's our company culture. We're
     available, dependable and professional. Warm fuzzies included.

02 Quality focused. We take pride in developing high qulaity software and providing top notch
     IT consulting.

03 We LISTEN to you. (And we HEAR you).

04 Member of the Better Business Bureau. This means we're accountable and we can prove it!

05 Full Suite of Services. That means you'll save time and money, without the headaches.

06 Excellent rate of repeat business. Try us and you'll see why.

07 Locally Owned and Operated. We're right down the street.

08 We're experienced. This means we will not be "experimenting" with your project. We'll bring tried
     and true methods to the table.

09 Strategic partnerships with major technology vendors. The big guys trust us. So can you.

10 Time equals money. We'll save you both!


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