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Ever wondered what happened to “Paperless Office”? After real world application, it turned into “Less Paper Office” and then practically disappeared. It has recently been resurrected as “Document Management” and many organizations are implementing it with great success, however, like all technology, its not for everyone. This article will give you some insight on the Pros and Cons of Document Management to help you make an informed decision about whether Document Management is right for your organization.

First let’s get into the Pros of Document Management:
Money Savings. First and foremost, the money saver. Office space cost money and the average office has to allocate 10% to store paper documents. If you are looking to expand, Document Management may allow you to free up office space to add employees without having to do a costly build out.

Accuracy. Document Management forces forms to be properly filled out, reducing time consuming and costly mistakes.

Search. Finding documents can often be synonymous with “finding a needle in a haystack”. Document Management allows searching capabilities to find documents quicker and without having to leave your desk. Just think, no more climbing over boxes or fighting with filing cabinets. As a side note, there have been workers comp claims related to this task.

Customer Service. With Document Management, customer questions can be answered quickly and reliably, and even better, customers can find the answers they seek themselves.
Legal Compliance. Document Management helps you meet legal requirements and also provides regulatory reporting.

Security. Document Management provides a more secure environment. User access can be configured in an infinite number of ways to give access to only the information necessary for employees to perform their respective tasks.

Convenience. With Document Management, access can be done from any office, from home, from your remote office, from a hotel, and anywhere an Internet connection exists. Documents can also be accessed simultaneously with other users without comprising the integrity of the data.

Now the Cons of Document Management
Hardware. Since documents are stored electronically, usually in some type of database, you may need to purchase additional hardware. With the additional hardware, you will need someone to support it to make sure that its available when needed and data backups are maintained for when the hardware fails.

Data. With electronic storage come the possibility of hacker attacks, viruses, and even the possibility of data corruption.

The above cons may look and sound discouraging, however, they can be mitigated with policies, procedures and outsourcing and the many pros often outweigh the cons.

For a free consultation to see if Document Management will provide the return on investment required by your organization, please contact Sigma Office Solutions today. Your Office. Our Solution. Perfect.

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