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Meet SOS

Robert Ross, President
Driven by finding out how things work, Rob has been interested in working with
electronics since a small child. Rob was destined to become an IT professional and he is
passionate about his work. In 1982 he began working with computers, which led him to
pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering at U of L Speed School. Rob paid his dues by
working for over 15 years in system administration and software development. Rob
formed Sigma Office Solutions with Dan Chambers in order to combine his two greatest
interests: creating custom software and making people’s lives easier.

Rob is fluent in Delphi, Delphi.Net, dBase, MySQL, SQL Server, T-SQL, VB6, VB.Net,
ReportSmith, FRx, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access, Wise Installer, and InstallShield.
Rob’s specialty is Linux Web / Email / File Servers, Windows Servers and Desktop
Computers, IP Based Network Infrastructure Design, and Network and Computer
Security. When he’s not busy improving the way businesses function, Rob enjoys
spending time with his family and playing golf, tennis, and racquetball.

Daniel Chambers, Vice President
An affable guy who has always been interested in how things work as well, Dan began
experimenting with software design in 1989. Dan followed this interest through college
and graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisville’s
Speed School in 1998, but has been developing software professionally since 1995. Dan
is fluent in a wide array of programming languages such as C#, VB.Net, VB6, MS SQL
Server, T-SQL, IBM DB2 Distributed, SQL PL, MS Access, Crystal Reports, and Wise
for Windows Installer, Dan believes in continuing education and is committed to learning
the latest techniques and languages.

Dan’s commitment to excellence has put him in charge of projects for such notable
companies as UPS, Brown Forman, and LG&E, among others. Dan’s specialty is custom
software analysis, design, and implementation. Dan enjoys sports and spending time with
his wife and children.

Letter from the President

Dear Potential Client,
After working for years for in the software and IT field, I learned that large companies
are comprised of many smaller companies known as “departments”, which are often held
together by nothing more than “red tape”. These departments tend to have similar
problems that, if automated, are easily addressed. This is why I started Sigma Office
Solutions. Every office has a task that is repetitive and every office seems to have
processes that are done the way they are for no other reason than “because that’s the way
it’s always been done.” Our goal at SOS is to educate companies in the benefits of
changing processes to make them easier and more efficient, and in some cases be able to
eliminate them all together. SOS does not necessarily reduce staffing, we do however
allow you not to have to hire additional staffing, and / or allow existing staff to do things
that are more important to running a successful business. In a phrase, we make a better

At SOS we practice what we preach and we review and reevaluate our own internal
processes and procedures on a regular basis to make sure we are being as efficient as
possible. This keeps our overhead down and allows us to be competitive. Where we do
not flex is in our customer service. It has been my experience that all things eventually
break and some things just go wrong, and in both cases I would rather go with a company
that stands by their service than one that is just trying to sell it. Based on our high
percentage of repeat business and client referrals, I firmly believe that SOS does just that.
Have an office problem? We have the solution.

Thanks for visiting our website and considering Sigma Office Solutions.
Best Regards,
Robert Ross


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