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Your business is not cookie-cutter. Your software shouldn’t be either! If you’re tired of forcing your business to adapt to “off-the-shelf” software, GO CUSTOM!
   • We design & develop custom software. This allows for ultimate flexibility because it’s designed
     specifically for your business needs.
   • We develop software in many business areas such as:
      - Point of Sale
      - Maintenance Planning and Tracking
      - Wireless Digital Communications
      - Inventory Tracking
      - Facilities Management
      - Mobile Applications (smartphone, pda)

Why Custom Software?
There are many reasons to go with custom software. Here’s a few:
   • The software is designed with only the features you need, this reduces costs and
     makes employee training easy.
   • It offers the ability to add features as needed, insuring that your software grows and evolves with your business.
   • Custom software adapts to your business processes rather than you having to adapt to off-the-
     shelf software.
   • Licensing costs are often completely eliminated or greatly reduced, saving even more money.

What’s Included
Our software solutions typically include the following:
   • Documentation
   • On-line Help
   • Training
   • Source Code
   • Installation CD
   • Maintenance Agreement
   • Self Updating Capabilities

More Software Solutions
   • We also develop enterprise applications using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL databases
   • We can give your business the ability to share data with remote offices and mobile employees
   • All of our custom software programs are quality applications that are easily maintained


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